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Graduation Requirements

Graduation & Certificate Application Forms 

Click a link below to apply for your degree graduate application and/or your certifcate application

Graduation Application AAS Degree and Multimedia Certificate

The graduation application process has changed recently. Now you simply have to click on the link above and begin filling out the online form. You can apply for both the AAS degree and the Multimedia Certificate on the same electronic form. Or you can apply for your Multimedia Certificate in Communication Arts separately from the AAS degree.

The Records Department will review your application and contact you via the mailing address you indicate on the electronic form.


Fill out all your personal information. The address you give is where the college will send your diploma.

Under “Program of Study” scroll down until you get to Communication Arts Technology. Click/Select that as your program of study.

Under “Credentials Applying For” click AAS. If you are also applying for the Multimedia Certificate in Communication Arts, click “Certificate” also.

Be sure to click both the AAS degree option and the Certificate option on the form if you’re applying for both in the same semester.

Under “Questions or Comments” write that you are applying for the Multimedia Certificate in Communication Arts as well as the AAS degree.

Click that you Agree with everything you wrote down.

Submit when done.