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student show poster

CAT student show has some pretty nice art to show off


The CAT program student show is up and running with some fantastic art including design, photography and animation. The show will be open to the public from 8 am to 6 pm Mondays through Thursdays and from 8 am til noon on Fridays.

  The student show poster above was designed by one of our instructors, Fred Crawford, and features the photography work of Jasmine Graham.


If you have not registered yet please do it now


Registration is still going on. Please see Terry Lutz ASAP if you are not registerd for fall or summer course.


CAT Students steal the show at annual Louie Gala
by Terry Lutz

The Communication Arts Technology Program’s Louie winners were all smiles at the Louie Gala on Friday night. Sirima Rattanamanokorn, Andrea Koesters, and Rebekah Cohen won the top three awards at the annual awards presentation event at the Seelbach Hotel.

  Seven students won a total of 20 Louie Awards on Friday with a total of 14 Gold Louies and 6 Silver Louies. All the winners are now eligible to compete at the district level. The district competition is comprised of a 3-state area including Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. There they'll compete against students from those states who have also won at their local affiliations to the American Advertising Federation.

all winners

When you see our students please congratulate them for such a fantastic accomplishment. From left to right: Michael Phelps, Kimberly Raber, Kim Oldham, Rebekah Cohen, Andrea Koesters, Sirima Rattanamanokorn, Ty Lancaster.

  Congratulations go out to our wonderful faculty as well. Without you here to support, mentor, and instruct our students, we could not do what we do for our students. Thank you all.
  It has been such a great pleasure for me personally to work with this outstanding group of students. My hat is off to all of you. Again, well done.

Business First features CAT students' win (click here)


www.jctcart.com is your one stop shop for anything and everything.


All the resources you need during your tenure here in the CAT program at JCTC are literally at your fingertips with the CAT website. Let us know if you have any suggesions for improvement. The site is for you. Use it.


Don't forget to check our calendar often for upcoming events. Just click on the "cat news" page to view the calendar.

Your Attention Please…YOUR ATTENTION
by Terry Lutz

3 CAT Students win 5 District ADDY Awards for yet another new record

I am honored and extremely proud to announce that the following 3 students from the Communication Arts Technology program, Kim Oldham, Rebekah Cohen, and Andrea Koesters, have won 5 coveted ADDY Awards at the American Advertising Federation's 5th District ADDY Competition. This is a 3 state competition that includes Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio. These 3 CAT students finished with five District ADDY Awards, the most ADDY’s ever won by our students in 10 years of competition. They finished second in total awards behind Dayton but well ahead of Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron and Toledo.
  Plus, ALL of the District 5 ADDY Awards won by Kentucky students went to Louisville area students. Besides JCTC, only Ivy Tech in Indiana won an award at the 5th District competition this year.
  No other students from Kentucky won any awards at the district level this year. The ONLY winners at the district level from the state of Kentucky came from Jefferson Community & Technical College. No other schools in the state had a winning entry. Did I mention that the ONLY Kentucky students who had winning entries at the district competition this year are from JCTC? I'm just sayin'.
  And SOOOOO…the ONLY students from Kentucky who will be participating at the National ADDY Awards Competition this year will be from…wait…wait for it…
Jefferson Community & Technical College.

Ta Da!

Here is the winners list:

Andrea Koesters won a GOLD District 5 STUDENT ADDY in the Sales Promotion category for Bird & Bee Honey Tea P.O.P. Display. (This marks only the second time in the history of our CAT program that one of our students has won a Gold ADDY at the district level)

Andrea Koesters won a SILVER District 5 STUDENT ADDY in the Sales Promotion category for Bird & Bee Honey Tea Packaging.

Andrea Koesters won a SILVER District 5 STUDENT ADDY in the Elements of Advertising category for Bird & Bee Honey Tea Logo.

Kim Oldham won a SILVER District 5 STUDENT ADDY in the Elements of Advertising, Color Photography category for Bread.

Rebekah Cohen won a SILVER District 5 STUDENT ADDY in the Sales Promotion category for Rayo Azul Tequila P.O.P. Display.

The work of these 3 students will represent District 5, Kentucky, Louisville, Jefferson Community & Technical College, and the Communication Arts Technology Program at the national level of the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY competition this week. Winners will be announced in late May or early June.
  Please join us as we congratulate all of these Jefferson students in their truly outstanding accomplishments and wish them the best of luck at the national competition. 
  All the fantastic work from these students and the work from the local ADDY competition can be seen on this CAT website from the "gallery" page on the main menu at the top of this page. ______________________________________


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