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CAT Students steal the show at annual Louie Gala
by Terry Lutz

The Communication Arts Technology Program’s Louie winners were all smiles at the Louie Gala on Friday night. Sirima Rattanamanokorn, Andrea Koesters, and Rebekah Cohen won the top three awards at the annual awards presentation event at the Seelbach Hotel.

  Seven students won a total of 20 Louie Awards on Friday with a total of 14 Gold Louies and 6 Silver Louies. All the winners are now eligible to compete at the district level. The district competition is comprised of a 3-state area including Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. There they'll compete against students from those states who have also won at their local affiliations to the American Advertising Federation.

all winners

When you see our students please congratulate them for such a fantastic accomplishment. From left to right: Michael Phelps, Kimberly Raber, Kim Oldham, Rebekah Cohen, Andrea Koesters, Sirima Rattanamanokorn, Ty Lancaster.

  Congratulations go out to our wonderful faculty as well. Without you here to support, mentor, and instruct our students, we could not do what we do for our students. Thank you all.
  It has been such a great pleasure for me personally to work with this outstanding group of students. My hat is off to all of you. Again, well done.


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CAT Students sweep ADDY Awards for another new record
by Terry Lutz

Our CAT students have done it again. This past Friday night our students won the top three Advertising Awards in the Student Category. This marks the first time that our students have won all three of the top student awards. This is another new record for our program. Way to go Cool CATS!

  Andrea Koesters won one of the two Judges' Choice Awards with her Bird & Bee Honey Tea Point of Purchase Display.  

  Sirima Rattanamanokorn won one of the two Judges' Choice Awards with her Spotted Cat Cafe Branding Guide.

  The BIG WINNER of the night was (drum roll please) Rebekah Cohen. She won the BEST OF SHOW Award for her Rayo Azul Tequila Point of Purchase Display.

  Seven CAT students won 20 Student "Louie" Awards in all at the annual ADDY Awards sponsored by the American Advertising Federation–Louisville winning six times more awards than any other school.

  The ADDYS, or Louies, as the Louisville Chapter of the Ad Federation calls them, are the first tier of a three tier advertising competition. Students who win gold or silver at the local level will move on to the District 5, three-state, competition. If they win there, they move on to the national competition.

  In addition to her BEST OF SHOW (Gold) award above, Rebekah Cohen also won a Gold Louie for her Rayo Azul Tequila POP Display plus a Gold for her Rayo Azul Tequila Package design and a Silver Louie for her Rebekah Cohen Self Promotion design for a total of 3 Golds and a Silver.

  Andrea Koesters won not only the Judges' Choice Award (Gold) but also won Gold for her Bird & Bee Honey Tea POP, Gold for her Bird & Bee Honey Tea Logo design and her Bird & Bee Honey Tea Package design, a Silver for her Howling Frog Logo design for a total of 4 Gold Louies and 1 Silver Louie.

  Sirima Rattanamanokorn won the Judges' Choice Award (Gold) above plus, 3 Gold Louies for her Spotted Cat Cafe Stationery Package design, her Spotted Cat Cafe Logo design and her Spotted Cat Cafe Branding Guide for a total of 4 Gold Louies.

  Kim Oldham won two Gold Louies for her photographs Blue Martini and Bread plus a Silver Louie for Rice.

  Michael Phelps won Gold for his MWP Personal Lettermark design.

  Ty Lancaster won two Silver Louies for his photographs Veggie Fresh and Woody.

  Kimberly Raber won a Silver Louie for her photograph entitled Cheese, Crackers & Grapes.

 You'll be able to see all of the winning entries on the Gallery page of this website very soon. 

  Congratulations to all of you, Louie Winners. Well done.

  I know I speak for all of our instructors when I say you make us very, very proud of you all.



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