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New works on display by Virgil (Chad) Henle and Rebecca Rose


Exciting new exhibition now open in the Krantz Art Gallery


Don’t worry if you missed the exciting opening of this new exhibition at the Krantz Art Gallery this past Monday, Oct. 5. It's still going on.

  The exhibition takes place in conjunction with the 2015 Louisville Photo Biennial, a city-wide celebration of photography. Rebecca Rose and Virgil Henle will be exhibiting new work in the gallery located on the first floor of Chestnut Hall, room 116, on the downtown campus. The exhibit runs through November 7th.

  Award winning photographer and former CAT student Rebecca Rose shows her new body of work “Dreaming of a Wasteland” along with CAT Instructor and award winning photographer Virgil C. Henle who presents his new series “Honed."

  This exhibition is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am - 6 pm and Fridays from 8 am - 12 pm.


Advising & Registration for spring has begun


Registration is now going on. Please see Terry Lutz ASAP for spring registration. Click here for an appointment.


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All the resources you need during your tenure here in the CAT program at JCTC are literally at your fingertips with the CAT website. Let us know if you have any suggesions for improvement. The site is for you. Use it.


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"Imagination is Everything"

–Albert Einstein

New filmmaking awards for students and faculty in CAT program
by Herschel Zahnd

On July 25-27, students and faculty of the CAT Program came together to participate in the 2015 Forty-Eight Hour Film Project.

  Current and former CAT students Kelli Coleman, Jason Hoefflin, Jerry Lester, and Michael Phelps led by CAT filmmaking instructor, Herschel Zahnd, captured two coveted filmmaking awards during the event.

  Their film, “The Path to Rage”, was named to the “Best of the 48 Hour Film Project” screening at Village 8 Theaters taking home awards for Best Special Effects and Best Choreography.

  The team was led and directed by Zahnd with Kelli Coleman acting and serving as team Writer, Michael Phelps worked as an actor and also worked as the team Gaffer.

  Jerry Lester worked as the production sound mixer, and CATP Alumnus, Jason Hoefflin, was the Director of Photography.

  Here's how the 48 Hour Film Project works: Teams each draw a different film genre out of a hat. Then they are all given the same: prop, character, and line of dialogue (which must be spoken or written out exactly).  

  The teams then have 48hrs to write, shoot, and edit a 4-7min film. The films are then screened and judged at a film festival at Village 8 Cinema.


Michael Phelps, Herschel Zahnd, Jason Hoefflin, Kelli Coleman, Chris Petty, and Jerry Lester (peeking in from the right)

Here are links to the trailer:
and to the film:
https://vimeo.com/134578957 (password: rage)


The team will be reuniting in the month of October for the special 48hr Horror Film Project, which is certain to be a "Bloody" good time.